In FY22, the GSAC (comprised of the Scientific Director team: A/Prof Deirdre Zander-Fox, A/Prof Hassan Bakos, Dr Daniel Morgan, Dr Leanne Pacella-Ince, A/Prof Mark Green, and Ms Jean Scott) has continued to focus on further improving Monash IVF Group success rates across all our clinics by providing scientific excellence, a commitment to integrate new technologies and the translation of research outcomes to clinical practice.

Key highlights undertaken in FY22 include:

› Further expansion of Embryoscope+ timelapse technology across the Monash IVF Group, with five additional incubators installed.

› Successful NATA accreditation and implementation of automated semen analysis at three more Monash IVF Group pathology laboratories across Australia.

› Initiation of the Monash IVF Group Research and Translation Executive Committee (RTEC) to identify and drive strategic research themes and provide research oversight.

› Initiation of a multi-centre clinical trial in partnership with Memphasys (ASX:MEM) and the University of Newcastle to investigate the efficacy of a novel sperm separation device (FELIX) to improve fertilisation results and embryo quality and viability.

› Submission and acceptance of >20 peer-reviewed publications and research abstracts by the GSAC, reinforcing our emphasis on science driven patient care and outcomes.