Our genetics team led by Dr. Tristan Hardy (Medical Director) and Dr. Melody Menezes (Head Genetic Counsellor) continues to develop new approaches to care across the preconception, preimplantation and prenatal periods. In addition to establishing the first at-home genetic carrier screening program by an IVF unit in Australia, the laboratory has successfully undergone assessment by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to become a fully-fledged Category G Genetics Laboratory.

Preconception care is an emerging area of focus for Monash IVF, and our at-home genetic carrier screening program is a core pillar of this important time period.

Launching in late 2021, our expert team of genetic counsellors and scientists have supported couples and donor recipients to receive information about their reproductive health through our at home genetic carrier screening program. Identifying couples with a high chance of having a child with a significant medical condition allows access to our range of reproductive options including prenatal diagnosis through ultrasound units and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) through our IVF units.

Donor recipients are another major group supported by the genetic counselling team. Our partnership with Fulgent Genetics to provide this testing allows individualised matching to donor profiles with maximum flexibility and allows them to make informed decisions about their chosen donor.

Our preimplantation genetic testing program continues to have significant growth and has supported couples with a single gene or chromosome condition to undergo treatment, which has been Medicare-supported since November 2021. PGT is a major area of focus in our research program, and we are actively developing new approaches to PGT to better serve our most complex cases, which are increasingly referred to our team for access to our scientific and clinical expertise.

Our non-invasive prenatal testing program continues to be a core service for our ultrasound clinics. Our expertise in this area has been recognised with members of our team being part of the global consortium for expanded NIPT and regularly presenting at national and international scientific meetings.

Advances in genetic testing will continue to deliver benefits to our patients and their families. We are optimistic about the future for genetic testing at Monash IVF and our mission to provide a truly world class experience across all aspects of care.