Through our existing Corporate Governance policies, our Strategic framework, Quality Policy and Code of Conduct, Monash IVF Group have demonstrated a strong commitment to responsible and ethical conduct.

As we progress our Vision 2026, Monash IVF Group have integrated ESG considerations into our decision making, including the following examples:

› Improvements to our Clinical Infrastructure consider the environmental impact of our activities including measures such as NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) and the ability to locally source equipment and furnishings from ethical suppliers.

› People Engagement activities have seen the establishment of a Diversity & Inclusion Council, tasked to create an affirming environment where staff feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work, and where a sense of belonging is fostered. This further allows Monash IVF Group to incorporate inclusive practices to our Patient Experience and Doctor Partnerships.

› As we develop the Monash Way through robust Clinical Leadership, the focus on IVF Success Rates and evidence based medicine has been maintained, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

› Digital Transformation supports a paper-light approach to clinical operations and reduction in corporate travel.

As this position matures, Monash IVF Group are now formalising and strengthening our approach to sustainability through a structured Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.

The establishment of an ESG committee, with Board representation, will ensure the implementation of a practical plan, embedded in our daily activities, to achieve tangible and material results. Establishing ESG Metrics ensures that we are creating long term value through strategies that incorporate environmental, social and governance dimensions.

Our evolving plan will consider the 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations and cover all aspects of our:

› People, including promoting diversity and inclusion and workplace health and safety.

› Service delivery, including the supply chain, partnerships and waste production.

› Governance framework, including Corporate Governance, Corporate behaviour and business ethics and Risk Management.

ESG Committee & Policy Statement



  • › Minimise adverse environmental impact
  • › Eliminate use of toxic or hazardous materials
  • › Renewable energy and clean technology
  • › Reduce waste and consider recycling opportunities


  • › Uphold Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • › Promote equality & diversity
  • › Promote well-being and development of employees
  • › Ethical supply chain


  • › Corporate Governance and reporting
  • › Corporate Behaviour and business ethics
  • › Risk-mitigation and management