Monash IVF Group’s commitment to the provision of the highest level of patient care and safety has been demonstrated through the ongoing development of our Clinical Governance framework and Quality Management System.

Patient centred care is promoted through ensuring that everyone in the organisation is accountable for ensuring that the services provided are safe, effective and continuously improving. This is achieved with an emphasis on listening and learning:

Strong clinical leadership and management commitment to engaging with and listening to our clinicians ensures that our quality management system takes into account local clinic, state-wide and national priorities and risk profile.
Education, training and continued professional development of our teams to ensure that they are able to partner with all patients to provide them with access to technologies, information and resources to support their decision making about their care.
Providing an environment that respects differences, maintains dignity and provides for our patients’ physical, emotional, medical and social needs.
Integrated risk management capability with a focus on measuring and monitoring, evaluating clinical effectiveness, being open about adverse events and their underlying causes and having the capacity to use this data to drive targeted continuous improvement initiatives.
Communication across the Group through formal meeting and committee structures, employee forums and webinars and sharing of written information.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and variations in exposure risks across the country have seen the proportional implementation of safety measures including screening, infection control, social distancing and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect our patients and teams, while continuing to deliver the highest standard of healthcare.